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Health TechnologyThrough the Georgia Regional Academic Community Health Information Exchange (GRAChIE) your hospital, clinic will have access to patient health records which will allow you to improve care transitions with a more complete record of patient health information.

GRAChIE allows a Provider to access patient health data as well as to contribute to a patient’s health record to facilitate care transitions securely through an embedded EMR connection. For example, a patient who has an appointment at their primary care Physician’s office who is referred to an acute care facility will allow the Physicians at the acute care facility be able to access the primary care records from the acute care facility almost immediately.

  • Enable your hospital, clinic or practice meet meaningful use across disparate organizations.
  • Ensure timely delivery and secure access to records to other providers.
  • Expand your referral area and increase the ability to serve patients outside a hospital environment.

Easily coordinate patient care between disparate healthcare organizations. Contact GRAChIE today for more information about how your organization can benefit through membership with GRAChIE.

Becoming A Member

Becoming a member of GRAChIE happens in several steps. For a smooth implementation process GRAChIE provides additional services as a part of the on-boarding process.

  • Presentation & Assesment – After initial contact, GRAChIE will work with your internal staff to ensure a full understanding of our organization and the work required to connect. Organizations will complete a technical assessment. GRAChIE offers a Discovery Call to members to assist in this process.
  • Technical Connection – GRAChIE manages the process with your vendor of building the connection and the interface from GRAChIE to the EMR being used by the member
  • Going Live – The final step involves getting your connection live and providing training and tutorials for your staff. This will include testing the connection, loading any data, setting up user access and training for providers.

We manage the integration process with the member’s EMR/EHR vendor. This means regular updates as implementation progresses without additional work on the part of the member.

GRAChIE also works with your organizations staff to prepare for patient education and consent processes.