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Health Technology

GRAChIE is a network that connects practitioners and healthcare settings across Georgia, all of whom have made the decision to participate for one reason—to improve patient care.

Across the country, networks like GRAChIE, known as Health Information Exchanges (HIEs), are being formed in every state. Currently, GRAChIE links providers across Georgia from various care settings, including pediatrics, primary care, long-term care, home health and hospital emergency departments. Many more doctors and hospitals are jumping on board.

GRAChIE will allow doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers to access vital information securely and electronically, reducing the need for patients to relay medical information to every health professional involved with their care.

GRAChIE improves your healthcare

Today, your health information may be shared between providers by telephone, fax or mail. These isolated methods take time and can be burdensome on you or your providers. In addition, they may fail to provide complete information.

Your health information is secure

Providers participating in GRAChIE will have secure access to your health information. You can view a comprehensive list of providers at All access by participating providers is on a need-to-know basis for treatment purposes ONLY.

Sensitive information is protected

Participating providers will share general health information. Sensitive health information—such as information related to mental health treatment—will not be shared through GRAChIE.

How is your health information protected?

GRAChIE and all participating providers use a combination of safeguards to protect your health information. All providers must abide by policies that govern protection of health information. In addition, providers must abide by both federal and state laws related to privacy. Technical safeguards are also in place to ensure that your health information is secure and your privacy is protected.

Be included, or opt-out of GRAChIE–it’s your choice

We hope you see the value of being included in the GRAChIE network.

However, if you decide to opt-out, your ability to receive healthcare will not be affected. Your doctors will still be able to fax your records or send them through mail. Keep in mind that, in emergencies, this may not be optimal.

How can I opt-out of GRAChIE?


Or ask your healthcare provider for an opt-out form

Can I change my mind?

Yes. If you decide to participate in GRAChIE now, and change your mind later, you can opt-out. Likewise, if you opt-out now, you can opt-in later and all your medical information will be available.